With graphic design in our blood,
you can rest assured that your website will not only be technically sound but
also well designed. Most of the KLOSI Media Team are trained graphic designers that move into the web
design industry to further their technical understanding of website design. This core design skill set also allows us as
a company to offer a diverse range of graphic design services.

  • Although predominantly now a web design company, KLOSI Media's roots
  • lie in graphic design, brochure design and advert design. KLOSI Media initially started as a directory advertising consultancy and graphic design studio. KLOSI Media has evolved into a large company that can provide the complete marketing solution, both on paper and online.

Web design is about much more than creating a design that is fresh and appealing. Any web site that is to become successful as a sales and marketing tool needs to be intuitive and easy to use for first-time and repeat visitors.

We have built a strong reputation as a leading website design company by building web pages and producing sites that are good looking, technically excellent and affordable for small businesses and individuals.

  • Search engine optimisation is generally a service that involves a lot of money and a lot of risk. For those reasons we temporarily remove money from the equation by not asking for a penny until you have seen results.

    Our web design agency in-house team have been small business website designers for more than five years, which makes us a well established freelance website design company in the UK.

  • We provide professional website design services, for companies, businesses and individuals. We are able to provide your company or business, large or small with a range of options to ensure we can create the web site you require. We offer value for money packages for new businesses , established companies and individuals. We can also provide custom php programming services, ecommerce websites, custom graphics, content management solutions, credit card processing, domain names and hosting to name a few.